Risky Foods For Peptic Ulcer


Peptic ulcers refer to the lesions that attack the stomach as well as the esophagus and the small intestines. Their main cause is Helicobacter pylori, may cause other forms of ulcers. They may occur as a result of genetic predisposition, old age, stress, depression and a history of chronic pain, especially on the lower abdomen.

Foods to avoid if you have peptic ulcer

Caffeinated and carbonated beveragescarvpoiuytfrdesdfghjkjb

Beverages that contain caffeine are known to worsen the condition of peptic ulcers, and you should avoid ensuring a speedy recovery. Drinks, such as coffee and tea, stimulate the production of acid in the stomach. This acid hampers digestion, thus making it easy for peptic ulcers to spread. Carbonated drinks like soda have similar effect hence you might want to think twice before taking a sip of your favorite soda in case you already have peptic ulcers.

Spicy and acidic foods

One of the problems people with peptic ulcers try to avoid is acid reflux, the very problem that is aggravated by spicy and acidic foods. Spicy foods such as chilies and hot pepper as well as acidic foods are known to trigger acid reflux, thus worsening the condition. One of the most common sources of acidic foods includes citrus fruits such as lemons, mangoes, and oranges. If possible, eliminate these foods from your diet if you had peptic ulcers and replaced with others that are more benign to the condition.


Though not a food substance, alcohol worsens the condition of peptic ulcers. Many would argue that alcohol helps with digestion and while that is true in part. The overall effects however on the stomach lining is that it makes it a bad idea when dealing with peptic ulcers. Alcohol is known to facilitate gastroesophageal reflux, which severely hampers the treatment of peptic ulcers. It also erodes the lining of the stomach and the small intestine which worsens peptic ulcers.

Refined foods

Refined foods are yet another category of foods to avoid if you are suffering from Peptic ulcers. This category includes breadsdfghjkqwertyuizxcvbnamong other foods; red meat, sugar, pasta, white bread and trans fats found in commercially baked bread. The main reason you should avoid these foods is that they contain limited fiber and lack antioxidant properties hence do not assist with digestion but rather aggravate it.

These ulcers are treatable using antibiotics which kill the causative bacteria. We could mitigate the effects caused by ensuring we avoid certain foods that have been closely associated with it. The following are some of the foods to avoid if you have peptic ulcers.

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